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The Art And Mathematics Of Star Polygons

Towson University, Maryland, EUA
17 de Dezembro  |  17H00

Mathematics has periodically been employed not only to interpret and analyze art and architecture, but also to directly integrate with artistic products. Polygons are good examples of such integration.
Star Polygons have been used by various cultures around the world from the ancient cultures of Babylonians, to the time of ancient Greeks, through the high points of Middle Eastern cultures, to the Renaissance, and to today’s modern computer graphics. It was the young Gauss who finally solved the enigma of the constructability of polygons.
In this lecture Reza Sarhangi, Professor of Mathematics and architect of the international series of Bridges conferences linking the worlds of mathematics, art, music and science, offers a tour of this ever-recurring theme in mathematics and art.

A Palestra será proferida em inglês sem tradução.