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5 de Dezembro 2007
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The Sky - Yours To Discover

Most of the constellations we identify in the sky nowadays are based on those listed centuries ago.
The Sky – Yours to Discover is a project which invites children and young people to gaze up at the sky and identify stars, connect stars with imaginary lines, create new constellations and original stories related to them.
The main goals of the project are stimulating curiosity and interest towards astronomy all over the world, inviting the general public to look directly at the skies, raising awareness of the night sky, eventually bringing into discussion the question of light pollution, and to invite the participants to use their creativity and imagination, both verbal and visual, in a multidisciplinary and multicultural project.
This project may involve science centers, schools, planetariums, astronomers, all helping to motivate children of different cultures and backgrounds to observe the night sky with their own eyes.



- Science Museum of the University of Lisbon (Portugal)
- Centro Ciência Viva de Constância (Portugal)
- Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
- The University of Texas at Austin - Department of Astronomy 
      and McDonald Observatory (USA)
- Australian Centre for Astrobiology (Australia)
- Escola Portuguesa de Moçambique (Mozambique)
- University of Glamorgan (United Kingdom)
- Confederation of Indian Amateur Astronomers (India)
- Clackamas Community College, Oregon (USA)
- Museo Nacional de Historia Natural (Cuba)
- Johannesburg Planetarium (South Africa)
- University of Nebraska - Omaha (USA)
- Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan - Erbil (Iraq)
- Ghana Science and Planetarium Project (Ghana)
- Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences 
      and University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
- University of Nairobi (Kenya)
- Mbarara University of Science and Technology (Uganda)
- Langitselatan Group (Indonesia)
- Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia (Venezuela)
- Louis Cruls Astronomy Club / Instituto Federal de Ciência e
      Tecnologia Fluminense (Brazil)
- Cluj County School Inspectorate (Romania)
- Moj Planet (Slovenia)
- Astronomie-Wien (Austria)

              See the winners here 

Instructions to participants


Examples of star charts for use:

   Mapas do céu: Rio de Janeiro

   Star charts: Austin

   Star charts: Sidney

   Mapas do céu: Maputo

   Star charts: Glamorgan

   Star charts: New Dehli

   Star charts: Havana



                                           TITLECOUNTRYTEXT                 WORK      The small penguin constellation Slovenia PDF                   The star guardian Slovenia PDF                   The swan constellation Slovenia PDF                   A duck, a frog and a key
 An elephant and a camel Slovenia PDF                   The scorpion Slovenia PDF                   The avessius constellation Slovenia PDF                         The avessius constellation Slovenia PDF                   The avessius constellation Slovenia PDF                   A doe and a stag Slovenia PDF                   The winter sky Slovenia PDF                  The mars country Slovenia PDF                  The galaxy Slovenia PDF                  Constelação "Athes" Mozambique PDF                  As Espadas Mozambique PDF                  Grifo Mozambique PDF                  Constelação Leonidas Mozambique PDF                

O Olho
O Olho e a Espada

 Mozambique PDF     A poção mágica  Mozambique PDF                  Shiryo Mozambique PDF     The Awareness Ribbon  Texas - USA PDF                  Gaza the Amazing Savior Texas - USA PDF                  The Blackhawk  Texas - USA PDF                  Mount Nata
Headless Surfing Bridan Texas - USA PDF                  The unknown leopard Texas - USA PDF                 

 Constelação "Vaca sagrada"       Portugal                  PDF                          Benjamim Franklin Portugal   PDF    O Amor da Sereia Portugal  PDF                 Lenda da borboleta Amure Portugal PDF                 Quando as constelações
 atacaram a Terra Portugal PDF                  Rodisis - A Guerreira Romana Portugal PDF                 Constelação da Girafa Portugal PDF                 Constelação do Violino Portugal PDF                 Um Sorriso pela Paz Portugal PDF