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O próximo seminário em Ecologia e Evolução terá lugar na quinta-feira, dia 17 de Julho às 15H00.
O nosso convidado é o Professor Chris Topping da Universidade de Aarhus que nos vai falar sobre: “True lies and false truths – simulation modelling in a complex world”

Chris Topping is a Professor in Ecological Modelling at the Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Danmark. Using agent-based models, his work is having a significant impact in EU regulatory science. Here the development of models and scenarios informs the European Food Safety Authority of the potential impacts of pesticides in landscapes, mitigation measure that could be considered, and evaluates current experimental procedures for evaluating pesticide impacts in the field.
Of particular interest to Chris Topping is the development of models for social-ecological systems (SES), where policy, people and the environment (including animals) are part of a complex interacting system. For example, the most recent models simulate geese, goose hunters, farmers, and administration as an SES, and will be used as a tool in an adaptive management strategy to keep pink-footed goose populations between internationally agreed upper and lower bounds.


Conferência proferida em inglês sem tradução
Horário: 15H00
Entrada livre